PRIVACY (Law of December 8, 1992 - Law on the protection of privacy)

1. Only when the user wants to enjoy certain benefits or services (e.g. subscription to the newsletter, ordering images, prints and art gifts, will (s)he be obliged to communicate certain personal data to Lukas. It is important to know that Lukas treats your personal data in accordance with all legal obligations concerning the processing of personal data.

2. Confidentiality of personal data

The personal data collected by Lukas are stored in protected surroundings that are not accessible to the public. The file in which the data is stored can be consulted by only a limited number of persons at Lukas, who need this information to carry out their functions. The information is purely for internal use and is not kept any longer than necessary.

Your identity shall not be revealed to third parties, except if these are dependent on Lukas by contract, in which case their access to your data shall be limited to that which they will need for the execution of their functions. Lukas does not reveal any personal data to third parties without contractual agreement with Lukas, except in order to satisfy legal obligations and in the event of an explicit request made by the legal authorities or the police services.

3. Purpose of the processing of user data

Lukas collects data in order to manage existing and potential customer files in an optimal manner and consequently to contact the user with matching offers and optimised services (such as receiving the newsletter, ordering and downloading digital images, prints and art gifts).

The subscription to particular services offered on this site (subscription to the newsletter, saving and managing several personal image selections, etc.) requires the collection of personal data. This data may be passed on to the companies with which Lukas collaborates (for example, the company that ships prints or art gifts). The data may also be used to inform the user of future events or of the introduction of new services by Lukas. If the user does not wish to receive this information, (s)he may communicate his/her preference to the webmaster by e-mail or by letter. Each newsletter that is sent by Lukas contains a simple button to cancel any current subscription.

4. Permission for collecting and processing data

By supplying your personal data, you grant Lukas express permission to process them for the aforementioned purposes. Should Lukas wish to process your personal data for purposes other than those indicated, or should Lukas wish to pass information on to organisations or companies with whom it collaborates, we will ask you for your express authorisation in such cases.

The user has the right to object to the use of his/her personal details for other purposes.

5. Your right to view, modify or remove your personal data

You have the right to view the data that Lukas collects after your registration. You have the right to modify any inaccurate or incomplete data. You may also request at any time that your personal data be removed from the systems of Lukas. You may contact the webmaster of this site at the e-mail address below.

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Webmaster Lukas

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