1.1. In general

You are free to consult this Internet site and the information on this site provided you completely stick to the conditions and rules put out in these rules. Lukas   ( hereafter Lukas)can modify these conditions at each moment unilaterally.

1.2. Intellectual property rights

You recognize explicitly that the supplied information and data remain property of Lukas. The texts, logos, images and other items on the Internet site are protected by copyright. Before reproducing or redistributing any of this information to third parties, you must obtain the explicit authorisation of Lukas and in cases where applicable pay the appropriate compensation. Some names, signs or logos on this Internet site are registered trademarks. Those cannot be used by you. If Lukas offers you the possibility to contribute (by your own) to its website, you cannot introduce any work which is protected by intellectual property rights, unless you yourself have the rights or all necessary authorisations of the claimants. Your obligation, at any time, is to protect Lukas against charges of third parties.

1.3. Including a hyperlink to a website of Lukas

You can include a link to the start page of this site on your own Internet site. The web page where the hyperlink stands, must disappear entirely and the URL of our Internet site must be clearly visible. Other hyperlinks can only be included after an explicit written approval of Lukas  . You can send your request to the web master of this Internet site; you will find the address below this page.

1.4. Hyperlinks to websites managed by third parties

The Internet site of Lukas  contains hyperlinks to websites which are managed by third parties. These hyperlinks are solely included for the information of the user. Lukas   does not check these Internet sites and the information on it. Therefore, Lukas   cannot be held responsible for the content or the quality of information on these websites. Including a link does not necessarily mean that Lukas   and the managers of these websites cooperate in any other manner or that Lukas has approved the information on these websites.

1.5. Cookies

When you visit the website of Lukas, our web server will place a cookie, i.e. a small file, on the hard disk of your computer. This file contains general identification data for the user. Cookies allow our systems to identify the user (read: to recognise) and nothing more. In this way we can make our website more useful and user-friendly for the visitors by linking for example information on preferences of the individual visitor to this. Despite the fact that you can manage your browser program this way that these no cookies accept, we recommend you to enable cookies of our site to be certain of all functions on our Internet site.

1.6. Liability of Lukas  Art in Flanders vzw

The information on this website is the result of meticulous research and analysis. Lukas   strives to inform you as precise and as entirely as possible. Nevertheless, there is a risk of the information on the website to be incomplete or to contain mistakes. Therefore, Lukas   cannot be taken responsible for this. Jamming, discontinuances or errors in electronic subcontracting services requested of by means of the website entitles in absolutely no case any right to financial compensation.


2. Our policy towards the protection of privacy

You can visit this website for free and thereby consult information concerning our organisation and services. You can view low resolution versions and details of all the available digital images of art works. In our web shop you can consult all the related art gifts. This can be done without supplying personal details. Only if you want order image rights or art gifts you must communicate your personal data to us. Each time you supply personal information, Lukas   treats it in conformity with here described policy and the legal obligations concerning the processing of personal data.

2.1. Confidentiality of personal data

The personal data which Lukas collects, are stored in protected surroundings that are not accessible for public. The file in which the data is stored can only be consulted by a limited number of persons in service of Lukas, who need this information to carry out their functions. The information is purely for internal use. Your personal data will not be passed on to third parties without your prior consent. In that case data will only be provided to third parties that are linked with Lukas  by contract or to third parties that act for Lukas  . Their access is restricted to the data they have necessary for the implementation of their task. As a rule, Lukas does not pass on any personal details to third parties which are not linked contractual with Lukas  , except to satisfy to legal obligations and in case of explicit request of the judicial authorities or police forces.

2.2. Purpose of the processing of user data

At games, questions, polls, action Lukas processes the collected personal data to be able to contact you. The data is not being kept any longer than necessary. Data recorded to receive services (such as registration on newsletter, managing several selections of pictures, etc.) Lukas processes the collected personal data to be able to offer you an optimized service. The data can also be used to inform you concerning news facts, new services and events of Lukas  . If you do not want to be informed in that way, you can notify us by e-mail or by letter. In the information mails which Lukas sends out, a heading or a link are incorporated by means of which you unsubscribe yourself.

2.3. Permission for processing

By supplying your personal data you grant Lukas explicitly the permission to process them for above the mentioned aims. In case Lukas   wants to process your personal data for other aims than indicated or in case Lukas wishes to pass information on to organisations or companies with whom it cooperates, then we will ask you for your explicit authorisation.

2.4. Your right to view, modify or remove your personal data

You have the right to view the data which Lukas collects after your registration. You have the right to modify possibly inaccurate or incomplete data. Moreover you can ask at any time that your personal data are removed from the systems of Lukas  . You can contact the web master of this website on the e-mail address mentioned below.


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