Lukas renewed

Lukas renewed is getting a wel deserved refreshing makeover. Not only the design is brand new, the technical side of Lukas is being renewed, too.

What is new?

  • The data management system will now use the open source platform ‘CollectiveAccess’, making the exchange of information with other cultural heritage institutions possible.
  • The search function is more user friendly, allowing users to search for theme as well as collection.
  • The search result can be refined to artist, period or collection.
  • There is a clear summary of thematically sorted artworks and collections.
  • Each item indicates whether multiple photos and details of the artwork are available.
  • The focus is on Flemish masterpieces.
  • The integration of a useful zoom function means the images can be seen in the most detailed way imaginable.
  • The ordering mechanism has been simplified. Images can be downloaded directly after online payment.
  • Print on demand: art reproduction can be ordered in the desired format.
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