Lukas goes #collectionfishing every week

Lukas goes #collectionfishing every week

They have been doing it for two years in Australia and now Flemish museums, libraries and other cultural institutions are also fishing for collections on Twitter. The idea comes from the Australian Museum Victoria (@museumvictoria) and Collections Australia Network (@CAN001). What started as a small activity quickly become a popular game on twitter.


‘Collection fishing’ is brilliant in its simplicity. Every tuesday, a new theme is made public on the web. All you have to do is visit your favourite museum online and view the digital collection. Does anything you see there match the theme? Then just share it via Twitter and add the hashtag #collectionfishing and the #[theme of the week] (for example #king). Is the museum (or archive or photo service) on Twitter too? Then simply add the @[twitter name] (for example @Lukasweb).

You can also drop your fishing line in the digital image bank on where you are guaranteed a good catch!


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