Lukas and Pinterest: a picturesque duo

Lukas and Pinterest: a picturesque duo


Pinterest is a virtual notice board where users can share their pictures and images. It is very popular amongst people who are interested in art, fashion, design and interiors. In America is currently listed in the top 50 of the most popular websites.

Lukas has recently opened its very own Pinterest page, linking photographs and images from its digital image bank to (historical) events in attention-grabbing ways. Some samples from the current 'Boards':

- On the occasion of the portrait presentation of the new French president François Hollande Lukas offers a comparative series of official portraits throughout the centuries.

- To coincide with the major exhibition 'A room with a view' Lukas has delved into its own vault of masterpieces to look for the most remarkable windows, (in)sights and vistas.

- Hats off to the annual Royal Ascot hat parade, but can they really compete with some of Flemish art’s most stirring historical paintings?

- And what exactly happened with the Lamb of God Altarpiece before and after World War Two?

You can view and discover these and many other boards on now.

And from now on, each image on can be ‘pinned’ with a simple click using the handy Pin it button.


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